Henderson Cemetery Acmetonia, PA

Henderson Cemetery Burials

After taking a complete inventory of known gravestones on April 1 2012, and reviewing the cemetery burial records, we compiled the following roster of known interred. The links access photos of the individual gravestones. If there is no link, there is no known readable stone. This listing is as complete as we know at this time, however, if there is any further information we would be grateful to know about it. There have been burials since the very early 1800s and many burials were not recorded. Over the years unknown numbers of gravestones have broken, deteriorated and disappeared. Other listings for this cemetery, after careful review, have proven to contain duplicate entries, errors and misinformation. We hope this roster will alleviate confusion and provide the definitive record. To find a specific given or surname we suggest using the FIND function in the Edit menu of your browser.

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