Henderson Cemetery Acmetonia, PA
Welcome to the website for the wonderful, historic Henderson Cemetery in Acmetonia, Pennsylvania along the Allegheny River, just adjacent to Harmarville. This small space was one of several small cemeteries opened very early in the 1800's as the European population increased in the area. The first recorded burial is "J. P.", 1807. There may have been some earlier; there were certainly many later that were never recorded and have been lost over time. However, due to the wonderful work of several past and present members of the Board of Directors of the Harmarville Cemetery Association, many documents and records have been gathered and organized in the cemetery files. For this wonderful work the Board thanks past members Richard Fedoush and Judith Allen. A new inventory, by Board Member Judith Ebert, of all stones currently located on the grounds and review of the records has produced our enhanced roster of surnames as of April 1 2012. This listing can be found here, in the Surnames tab.

Henderson Cemetery is an active cemetery operated and maintained by the Harmarville Cemetery Association, a group of interested descendants of those buried there. The cemetery is not publicly funded. It is maintained in its wonderful state through many volunteer hours and donations of money from descendants, and others. Without those countless hours of brush-clearing, tombstone repair, surveying and mapping to record the known occupants for history, the site would have become overgrown years ago. With thanks for the monetary donations the grass is mowed regularly, sunken gravesites are filled in, and the landscaping is maintained. As an active cemetery, plots are still being sold and burials are still taking place.

On this site you will find a list of surnames of those recorded as buried here with genealogical notations, maiden names, and location notes; a plot map of the entire cemetery with zoom; historical timeline and documents; a place to post your search information and to connect to others; a map to visit the cemetery; and the all important Henderson Cemetery contact information! Please let us know if the site is helpful, and what else we can provide. Oh yes! You'll also find a Donation message for your opportunity to help maintain this historic site through Paypal. (No Paypal account is needed to use your Visa, MC, Discover or Amex). Donations are tax deductible; please consult your tax advisor.

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